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Estudiantes de la Plata "Team Tours" are custom designed "friendly" soccer tours for boys and girls youth soccer clubs 12 years and UP. WE supervise all aspects of the team travel arrangements to assure an organized and enjoyable soccer travel tour.
Participating teams board at an affiliated Three/Four Star Hotel or other modern residential lodging facility. Then, from the comfort our base facilities, teams venture out regionally (by private air-conditioned bus), playing a minimum of three (3) "friendly" matches against local youth teams. On non-game days, players train under the direction of professional Argentinians coaches.
The daily training sessions are 2.5 to 3 hours long. Group will also participate in scheduled social and cultural activities also, including; one or two full-day cultural excursions (depending on the length of your team tour). Estudiantes de la Plata "Soccer Tours" are available throughout the entire year...teams that travel during the Argentinian professional season can also elect to attend a professional soccer match.

Estudiantes de la Plata Tours Feature:

  • Professional soccer instruction by professional Argentinian coaches. Actual coaches are encouraged to co-coach on the pitch at the training sessions abroad; learning what they can from them and exchange ideas.
  • Professional soccer training facilities.
  • Organized official "friendly" matches, complete with AFA referees, quality soccer pitches, locker rooms, etc.
  • Attend a 1rst division AFA soccer match.
  • Post game socials & intercultural exchange with opposing foreign youth clubs. (when possible)
  • Services of a bilingual tour guide.
  • Guided cultural excursions to places of significant historical and cultural importance.

Benefits of Soccer Team Tours:

  • Increase your soccer team's soccer image.
  • Recruit new soccer players because of the opportunity for team travel.
  • Establish a cultural exchange relationship with foreign youth teams.
  • Increased sponsorship & fundraising possibilities through team travel.
  • Increase player's confidence and team morale.
  • Expose your team to foreign soccer culture and different styles of play.
  • Gain match experience against foreign youth clubs.
  • Increase team's conditioning by intense daily training and series of matches.
  • Engage your players in foreign language study to make the trip even more meaningful.