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Roberto Lopez - U.S.S.F. Men's National Staff Coach

(312) 933-2362 cell / (502) 722-9059 office / (312) 808-1300 U.S.S.F. / (502) 722-0378 fax

Estudiantes de La Plata, is one of the best tools available for those who wish to see how Argentine Soccer works at the highest levels, besides having a high level of organization.

Michael Strickler - FYSA Director of Coaching and Player Development

407-852-6770 work 407-852-6771 fax

I am impressed with the efforts Estudiantes de La Plata has gone to make sure they can customize a trip to fit the needs of the players, coaches and administrators. Sergio is a person of high quality and will pay special attention to the details of your trip.

Sam Snow - Interim Technical Director

US Youth Soccer (800) 4SOCCER US Youth Soccer Homepage - US Youth Soccer

I have found the work done by Estudiantes de La Plata and in particular Sergio Neveleff to be quite professional and personable. All of the right connections were made and plans done well to make for a fun and profitable experience.

Rene Miramontes - US Soccer R-IV, Staff Coach

As a member of US Soccer's National Staff, It's of the outmost importance to be associated with the absolute best soccer companies available. I have had the pleasure of working with Estudiantes de La Plata and their perfrmance was exceptional. Their attention to detail, professionalsm and contacts in the world soccer community makes them a must when traveling abroad. I recommend Estudiantes de La Plata without any reservations; they are the best!

Juan Carlos Michia - U.S.S.F. Men's National Staff Coach

They can provide them with the best service in Argentina. The USSF Seminar was one of the best we have and the Regions and Clubs tours were top of the line. If you want to experience high level soccer in Argentina, Estudiantes de La Plata are the one to take. Our American coaches and players will have the time of their life!